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An Unexpected Visitor (or Two)

What if you had one moment today in which you were gently interrupted from tending to matters of consequence or in which you encountered the unfamiliar. What if you viewed that moment as a guest? An unexpected visitor from whom you had much to learn? … read more.

Repair Cafe

Repair Cafe

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My partner and I came to the Unitarian movement because we are spiritual people who were craving a more permanent community. Somewhere our future children would spend time with elders, where we fed each other's bodies, minds and spirits and where we stood for integrity, social and environmental justice and the worth and dignity of all. We really appreciate being able to tell our boys that KUF is their "special place" and look forward to them growing up alongside other UU kids and youth, and having that intergenerational time! We especially love our annual KUF retreat to Unirondack in the woods