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Trusting Shared Ministry

KUF is a Shared Ministry. Our minister is part of this, our congregation is all of this.What difference does this make to you? Members of the Committee on Shared Ministry will reflect on the results of the Small Group and survey feedback and how it … read more.

Our Whole Lives

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  Dates for upcoming Repair Cafes are: January 13, February 10 and March 10 from 2:00 pm -4:30 pm. Repair Café Kingston is a community initiative of the Kingston Unitarian Fellowship that promotes repair as an alternative to tossing things out. Bring your broken items and we will work with you to fix them on the spot with the help of our fixers. We can help you fix your clothing and textiles, wooden items and furniture, bicycles and skateboards, electrical items, jewelry, toys and stuffed animals. Not sure we can fix it? Bring it by and we’ll take a look! We are always looking for more fixers and helpers; whether or not you know how to fix things, consider joining us as a volunteer. We can be reached through our Facebook page or by emailing ktownrepair@gmail.com.    

Rev. Beckett’s Thematic Thoughts

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My partner and I came to the Unitarian movement because we are spiritual people who were craving a more permanent community. Somewhere our future children would spend time with elders, where we fed each other's bodies, minds and spirits and where we stood for integrity, social and environmental justice and the worth and dignity of all. We really appreciate being able to tell our boys that KUF is their "special place" and look forward to them growing up alongside other UU kids and youth, and having that intergenerational time! We especially love our annual KUF retreat to Unirondack in the woods